Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forgot to mention ......

I have uploaded all the "Abu Dhabi/Dubai" pictures from Christmas time. Go back to that post and have a look.

Chat soon, Loretta XO

January 2010 in Review

OK -- I've been slacking on the blog again. It took me forever to download all the Abu Dhabi/Dubai pictures that I needed a break from the blog. Boy, was it hard coming back to school after the holidays, but within the first week, I was back into the groove.

School remains extremely busy but I like the pace. My students continue to grow and learn and it breaks my heart to see some of them floundering. I don't understand why some of them have been promoted to grade 4 when clearly they are reading at a grade 1 level. The ball has been dropped for these kids and they are now paying the price.

My birthday presented me with one wild, fun-filled evening where I met this great guy named Steve -- he appeared great anyway after several cocktails! It was a memorable night and I had high hopes for Steve but nothing has really transpired other than text messages. He is British and will be leaving Abu Dhabi very soon, perhaps our paths will cross again, but probably not.

I bought a new bike and ride every weekend with a friend, Marty, from school. Matt Miller and I take our weekly 3 mile walks and dinners -- I really like hanging out with guys!!

OK -- that's it for January -- 1 year older -- 5 months away from home -- and 4 weeks until my next getaway. I am booked and can't wait to spend Prophet Mohamed's birthday in Muskat, Oman for 4 full, glorious days -- flight and hotel are ready and waiting for me. This will be a solo retreat to rejuvenate and chill -- will keep you posted!!