Monday, March 29, 2010

Sea Urchin Attack Turns Ugly!!!

OK -- so the sea urchin thing is still ongoing. Friday night I had a fitful sleep. I was awaken by incoherent text messages and a swollen Achilles heel. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my attendance at an all day Saturday meeting at school (boo hoo). After visiting 3 clinics I had a Dr. look at my wound and say "you need a surgeon". He hooked me up with a great Egyptian doctor -- kind of an elder statesman. He was so jovial and engaging. He had to stick 5 extremely painful anesthetic needles in my Achilles heel and the sole of my foot. 1 for each quill that the sea urchin left. He was then able to cut out the foreign body. He insisted I take the day off and I didn't argue. He also wanted me to take the next day off as well, but I thought I was tough enough to endure the 2nd day of my training seminar (I nearly died of boredom however). I am now on a 5 day run of CIPRO for all you druggies out there. 750 mg. OD. He is trying to whack the shit out of the infection I apparently developed.

It is Monday and the official start of my 3 day week. My Achilles heel is swollen and red but I have no worries that the drugs won't kick in and kick some ass. I leave for Amman, Jordan on Thursday. I will spend one night in Amman, 2 nights in Petra, 1 night at the Dead Sea and then I am free and open with nothing booked. I will attempt to cross the King Hussein bridge over into Israel but I must be cautious not to have my passport stamped or it will cause me huge problems getting back into the Arab world. They will hopefully stamp a separate piece of paper so I can then enter the country and spend 3 nights in Jerusalem before heading back to Amman, Jordan for my final night and flight back to Abu Dhabi.

This is be my 4th and final adventure for this school year (the past 10 months). I am already planning my destinations for the 2010-2011 school calendar. I will probably bring my MAC on holiday so I can blog as I am in transit and perhaps upload pictures. Let's see what discoveries and acquaintances I make this time around.

Love Rhett XOXO

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I spoke too soon!!

Turns out I have a little sea urchin needle in the heel of my foot!!! I am walking with a limp and my achilles tendon and heel feel so painful -- my luck -- hopefully it will dissolve and correct itself -- they are made of calcium carbonate and as long as they don't get infected it should take care of itself. Bring on the Fucidin!

The Latest from Abu Dhabi

OK -- all the pictures are finally uploaded from my trip to Oman. It takes so long for this massive task. Anyway, hope you enjoy. School has been so busy -- a week ago, all my grade 4 class was sent home for 2.5 days due to elevated temperatures -- most of them were sick!! It was so bizarre, but I had 2.5 days to myself. I worked on report cards and my classroom. I shared the wealth and relieved most of the grade 4 and 5 teachers so they could have breaks and do whatever they wanted. I loved rotating all around the classrooms teaching all these kids. I did my "Beatles" lesson with the whole mind-map thing and you tube "fugly the juggler" -- then we played ball toss -- they loved it!!!!

We had a track meet this past week and I was hooting and cheering for all my kids -- except for 2 boys who were disqualified for poor sportsmanship -- one boy kicked another boy in the balls and then that boy attacked him. They were both out and I made them pick up recycling and garbage on the soccer field after I gave them both a good scolding. Their day ended with a phone call to their prospective parents. It really sucked to be them.

The pain and suffering of teaching fractions is finally paying off and my kids are starting to get it. The light bulb if finally turning on for most of them and it is such a sweet victory. We are also studying about global water shortage and what that means to all of us. Good stuff and they are getting that too!!

I am planning on leaving April 1 for Jordan and Israel. 5 nights in Jordan and 3 nights in Jerusalem. The rioting in Jerusalem is not a concern for me -- if you see me on CNN carrying some type of banner don't be surprised. My plan is 2 nights in Amman, 2 nights in Petra, 1 night at The Dead Sea then crossing over the King Hussein Bridge into Israel. This is the only crossing that is willing to stamp a separate piece of paper instead of my passport -- I cannot have an Israeli stamp in my passport or it will cause major problems getting back into the arab world. Hopefully all these plans will work out -- I am still waiting to hear from my travel agent.

2 weeks left of school until our Spring Break holiday -- can't wait. My next international stop will be CANADA -- hooray!!!

Life continues to roll along. Walked 4 miles yesterday and biked today -- first time I went swimming today at this very cool rocky area -- I had to climb down these massive boulders to get to the water -- not being very co-ordinated, I was a bit worried, but ultimately made it just short of stepping on a sea urchin. It was fabulous in the Arabian Gulf (not called the Persian Gulf here). I plan to start visiting the beach more to try and get some sun on my stark white legs. My arms are nice and tanned (as much as I am able to tan), now I need to work on my ghostly legs.

The weekends are great -- lots of shots and vodka and guys and fun -- but there is always room for more!!!! I have just finished report cards and that is always a relief to get out of the way. I am behind in an online workshop I am taking and procrastinating getting caught up -- I am not enjoying it, but it looms before me. I just have to buckle down and feed them whatever B.S. they want to hear from me -- YUKKKKKKKKK!!!

Bye for now -- probably won't communicate again until I am in the thick of things in Jordan/Israel.

Love and hugs to all,


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures from Oman

After viewing the pictures from my recent trip to Oman -- scroll down to the previous post for the narrative. Hope you enjoy.